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Colours of the Sun


This quilt was a real challenge for me. My art teacher asked me for a quilt that would be soft and pleasant. At the same time, her artistic activity was to be reflected in the quilt. Therefore, as a first step, I visited her exhibition in the Bell Tower at Soláň. Then I was looking for a soft and pleasant cotton fabric for dying in the shops. I tried to dye the colors of the sun. I dyed meters and meters of fabric before I was satisfied. Then I could use those  fabrics for a long time.


path3393.pngThe next step was to make a design on my computer. To be able to make the quilt, I draw a grid over the design. Then I put the pieces of fabric together one by one to achieve the required effect. I did not sew the quilt following the design strictly, the desing was a guideline for me to achieve the same effect.






I got a thick batting which is really soft but hard to work with. It slips a lot and does not stay in place. I used the frame for quilting it and sewed sun motives on it. When I look at this quilt, I would like to use this particular technique for sewing another one in this spirit.